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To be awarded the Hulme-Westwood Zone Medal you must represent Sutherland Zone in an individual event at the SE Regional Carnival in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country in the one year. This year's awards winners are:

Amber Genge Engadine High

Brodie Moore Heathcote High

Evie Moore Heathcote High

Mikaela Mead Kirrawee High

Akira Saliba Menai High


 Brodie Moore Heathcote High

 Evie Moore Heathcote High

 Flynn McInerney Menai High

 Mitchell Green Kirrawee High

 Mikeala Mead Kirrawee High

 Sienna Mead Kirrawee High

There was no Zone Medal awarded in either 2020 or 2021 as all of the Zone and SE  Carnivals have not been held. However, Jade Keegan from Heathcote High has been awarded a special plaque by the Zone as recognition that she has represented our Zone at Region as an individual, in every Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnival that has been held from 2016 to 2021, a fantastic achievement.

Our Team.

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