Date: Monday 2nd March, 2020 
Venue: Sutherland Leisure Centre
37th Annual Carnival


NOTE:If you are involved in a relay event , and you are diving from the shallow end of the pool, you will need to receive “Shallow Water Start Diving Instruction” prior to the carnival  from your school or you will need to do a water start.

1BOYS 12Y BACK 100M                    55BOYS 17-19Y FLY 100M

2GIRLS 12Y BACK 100M                   56GIRLS 17-19Y FLY 100M

3BOYS 13Y BACK 100M                    57BOYS 12Y FREE 100M

4GIRLS 13Y BACK 100M                   58GIRLS 12Y FREE 100M

5BOYS 14Y BACK 100M                    59BOYS 13Y FREE 100M

6GIRLS 14Y BACK 100M                   60GIRLS 13Y FREE 100M

7BOYS 15Y BACK 100M                    61BOYS 14Y FREE 100M

8GIRLS 15Y BACK 100M                   62GIRLS 14Y FREE 100M

9BOYS 16Y BACK 100M                    63BOYS 15Y FREE 100M

10GIRLS 16Y BACK 100M                 64GIRLS 15Y FREE 100M

11BOYS 17-19Y BACK 100M            65BOYS 16Y FREE 100M

12GIRLS 17-19Y BACK 100M           66GIRLS 16Y FREE 100M

13BOYS 12-19Y MED RELAY 4X50  67BOYS 17-19Y FREE 100M

14GIRLS 12-19Y MED RELAY 4X50 68GIRLS 17-19Y FREE 100M

15BOYS 12Y FREE 200M                  69BOYS 12Y BREAST 100M

16GIRLS 12Y FREE 200M                 70GIRLS 12Y BREAST 100M

17BOYS 13Y FREE 200M                  71BOYS 13Y BREAST 100M

18GIRLS 13Y FREE 200M                 72GIRLS 13Y BREAST 100M

19BOYS 14Y FREE 200M                  73BOYS 14Y BREAST 100M

20GIRLS 14Y FREE 200M                 74GIRLS 14Y BREAST 100M

21BOYS 15Y FREE 200M                  75BOYS 15Y BREAST 100M

22GIRLS 15Y FREE 200M                 76GIRLS 15Y BREAST 100M

23BOYS 16Y FREE 200M                  77BOYS 16Y BREAST 100M

24GIRLS 16Y FREE 200M                 78GIRLS 16Y BREAST 100M

25BOYS 17-19Y FREE 200M            79BOYS 17-19Y BREAST 100M

26GIRLS 17-19Y FREE 200M           80GIRLS 17-19Y BREAST 100M

27BOYS 12-14Y 200M IM                 81BOYS 12Y RELAY 4X50

28GIRLS 12-14Y 200M IM                82GIRLS 12Y RELAY 4X50

29BOYS 15-16 200M IM                   83BOYS 13Y RELAY 4X50

30GIRLS 15-16Y 200M IM               84GIRLS 13Y RELAY 4X50

31BOYS 17-19Y 200M IM                85BOYS 14Y RELAY 4X50

32GIRLS 17-19Y 200M IM               86GIRLS 14Y RELAY 4X50

33BOYS 12Y FREE 50M                   87BOYS 15Y RELAY 4X50

34GIRLS 12Y FREE 50M                  88GIRLS 15Y RELAY 4X50

35BOYS 13Y FREE 50M                   89BOYS 16Y RELAY 4X50

36GIRLS 13Y FREE 50M                  90GIRLS 16Y RELAY 4X50

37BOYS 14Y FREE 50M                   91BOYS 17-19Y RELAY 4X50

38GIRLS 14Y FREE 50M                 92GIRLS 17-19Y RELAY 4X50

39BOYS 15Y FREE 50M                  93BOYS ALL AGE RELAY 6X50

40GIRLS 15Y FREE 50M                 94GIRLS ALL AGE RELAY 6X50

41BOYS 16Y FREE 50M                  

42GIRLS 16Y FREE 50M               

43BOYS 17-19Y FREE 50M           

44GIRLS 17-19Y FREE 50M        

45BOYS 12Y FLY 100M

46GIRLS 12Y FLY 100M

47BOYS 13Y FLY 100M

48GIRLS 13Y FLY 100M

49BOYS 14Y FLY 100M

50GIRLS 14Y FLY 100M

51BOYS 15Y FLY 100M

52GIRLS 15Y FLY 100M

53BOYS 16Y FLY 100M

54GIRLS 16Y FLY 100M

*The following events are not swum at Sutherland Zone Carnival.

Verified times to be submitted on the day of the Zone Carnival.

*95BOYS 12-14Y FREE 400M

*96GIRLS 12-14Y FREE 400M

*97BOYS 15-16Y FREE 400M   

*98GIRLS 15-16Y FREE 400M  

*99BOYS 17-19 FREE 400M 

*100GIRLS 17-19Y 400M IM

*101BOYS 12-14Y 400M IM

*102GIRLS 12-14Y 400M IM

*103BOYS 15-16Y 400M IM

*104GIRLS 15-16Y 400M IM

*105BOYS 17-19Y 400M IM

*106GIRLS 17-19Y 400M IM

 If necessary, the 12 person Knockout Relay will be held between events 56 and 57

Other details:          

Each school is responsible for the security of students’ clothing and equipment at Sutherland Leisure Centre. Please ensure your area is

kept clean and tidy.

The Zone team will be selected according to the finishing places during the age group races.

School swimming caps must be worn by all competitors.


The first three swimmers and first three relay teams will represent the Zone at the Sydney East Championships to be held at  SOPAC

Homebush on Tuesday 17th March, 2020 from 730am to 230pm.

Submitted Times 400m FREESTLYLE             


                      400m Freestyle Entry form




                      800 Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley Consideration of Entry form 

NOTE: Please collect the above documents from the computer table at the Zone Carnival or as to be emailed to you from the Convenor

Convener:  Derek Hulme DEREK.HULME@det.nsw.edu.au

SESSA Swimming Carnival- Tuesday 17th March 2020 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush

Click for more info


**3 swimmers each event at the Sutherland Zone Swimming Carnival progressing to the SESSA Carnival.

** Please Note the changed times for relay events at the SESSSA Carnival


Children must swim in their age group in individual events.

The convenor reserves the right to alter the order of the program.

NO SMOKING in front of students at this school event. Thank you for your co-operation.

CHS Swimming:

DATE: Wednesday 1st April, 2020 to Friday 3rd April,2020



DATE: 8th May, 2020 TBC